The BLK BOX container solutions are available using either a 10ft or 20ft steel container. Steel containers in both sizes are available as brand-new containers, or as second-hand containers. 

The container size and state you choose, can then be painted in your colour of choice. (RAAL TBC by yourself) 

If you opt for a 10 ft container, one 1-Bay Wall Mounted rig can be installed on either side of the container(Total: 2 bays). On the 20ft option, one 2-bay Wall Mounted rig can be installed on either side of the container (Total: 4 Bays). As well as our wall mounted rigs, weight plate storage, barbell hangers, all wall mounted attachments are also available. However, unlike metal work that would be installed inside; all metalwork for use on/in your container will have to be galvanised to prevent oxidisation from occurring. 

Lead time from payment is roughly 12 weeks and we will keep you informed, when required, during the process. 

Please send the following to and we would be delighted to help: 

• Container size confirmation 
•Container state confirmation (brand new or second-hand) 
•Equipment list 
•Delivery (& billing if different) address 
•Contact number