The BLK BOX Zero-Gap FID Weights Bench is a heavy-duty weight bench designed for Strength Training. It features 8 backrest positions ranging from -15 degrees to 90 degrees upright, in 15 degree increments, and 5 seat positions ranging from -15 degrees to 45 degrees in 15 degree increments at the front.

The front seat of the bench can be adjusted forwards and backwards, eliminating any pad gaps. 

In order to negate wear and tear on the pad upholstery, when adjusting the angle of the bench it is required that the seat pad is a moved to the most forward position. Once the back pad is adjusted to the correct angle, the seat can be locked back into the rearmost position to create the zero gap between the two pads.

The  BLK BOX 12 month warranty for manufacturing defects does not cover upholstery wear and tear and so we advise correct use as detailed above.